On homemade roll
  • Bacon & egg
  • Bacon & egg & cheese
  • Egg & cheese (v)
On a fresh croissant
  • Bacon & egg
  • Bacon & egg & cheese
  • Egg & cheese (v)

Almond Croissant
Choc. Or Marmalade Croissant

Our Granola Health Kick (v)
(Low roasted, gluten free, sugar free, vegan)
Served with homemade yogurt or vegan yogurt, fresh fruits, honey


Our Famous Flatbread
  • Korean Steak
    (lemon slaw, cheese, jalapeno, garlic mayo, sprouts)
  • Greek Style Chicken
    (lemon slaw, salsa fresca, tahini, sprouts)
  • Pulled Citrus Pork
    (lemon slaw, salsa fresca, BBQ sauce, sprouts)
  • Balsamic Roast Veg. (v)
    (lemon slaw, feta, pumpkin seed, sprouts)
Our Salads
  • Quinoa Pesto Tabouleh (v)
  • Waldorf Salad (v)
  • Balsamic Roast Veg. (v)
    (feta, pumpkin seeds, balsamic reduction)
  • Med. Platta (v)
    (dolmades, falafel, aubergine&pesto, baby tomatoes & flatbread)
Finn’s Quasadillas
  • Cheese and Salsa (v)
  • Chicken & cheese & salsa (v)
Our Handmade Burgers
  • Basic Burger
    (Pure beef, lemon slaw, BBQ sauce)
  • Vegan Burger
    (falafel patty, lemon slaw, vegan aioli or tahini)
Add On Toppings
  • Tomatoes, Jalapeno
  • Fried egg, Caramelized onion, Gherkin, Fried pineapple
  • Fried aubergine, Cheese, Kimchi
  • Bacon, Vegan cheese, Camembert
  • Crustless Quiche (v)
  • Spanakopita (v)
  • Cape Malay Sweet Potatoes in Phyllo (v)
  • Mince meat samoosas

Something Sweet

  • Delicious Brownie
  • Jar Treat
  • Ice-Cream
    (chocolate, cookie, caramel, vanilla, mint)
  • Tart of the Day



  • Dbl Cappucino, Latte, Cortado
  • Cappucino, Hot Cocoa
  • Americano, dbl shot Espresso
  • Espresso
  • Tea
    (Almond or Oat Milk)
  • Freshly Squeezed Juice
    (choose: apple, pineapple, lemon, celery, ginger, carrot, cucumber, spinach, beetroot)
  • Ginger Lemon shot